Granite Falcon Ridge

Granite Falcon Ridge

Looking for granite worktops in Falcon Ridge, well, your search ends at Granite Falcon Ridge if you are looking for high quality and quick turnaround time on granite worktops Falcon Ridge. We will template your granite worktop 7 days before installation and with our affordable services there is no reason not to work with us!

Granite Falcon Ridge offers granite services and products that are priced to go off the shelf

Having access to professional granite services can be a great thing for customers who know exactly what they want and moving forward should not be a problem, although, there are a number of things that can affect your quotation.

At Granite Falcon Ridge we base our quotations according to the plan and measurements provided by our customers. Your installation will be priced based on our template and this will define the look and form of your worktops.

At Granite Falcon Ridge we work closely with our customers to ensure the best results and we have listed a few things that we feel are important for our customers to note.

Customers can be assured good preparation for granite installation by considering the following:

  • How will the granite op weigh?
  • What is the maximum width from front to back?
  • Sink and Hob details
  • Affects of dishwashers
  • Removal of temporary and existing worktops
  • Power Sources
  • Installation Delays

Granite Falcon Ridge ensures that you are ready for your brand new granite surface tops!

At Granite Falcon Ridge we provide you with the information needed to ensure that you are ready before you start making bookings for our granite surfaces to avoid future problems.

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Granite Falcon Ridge requires that the following has been before templating can begin:

  • Base unites must fixed and in the right position
  • 3mm level between units
  • Panels have been installed
  • All items should be on site including sinks, hobs, basins & taps etc.
  • Adequate support beneath
  • Completed plastering
  • Removed any temporary surface tops

Granite Falcon Ridge you go to spot for quality granite services

Granite in Falcon Ridge
Granite in Falcon Ridge

Since granite installers Falcon Ridge will define the actual and final look of your kitchen it is important for customers to ensure that have all the items needed to start the process without any delays as this can result in additional fees.

Customer Onsite Granite Falcon Ridge
Customer Onsite Granite Falcon Ridge

When it comes to working with customers, we always look to make a pleasant relationship, we remind our customers to be present when templating begins in order to ensure:

  • Correct information
  • All needed items present
  • To make final decisions

We are dedicated to becoming a leader in granite services and products and after 10 years, we are now feeling that our quality and customer service delivery is starting to be noticed and appreciated by our customers and partners.

At Granite Falcon Ridge it only takes a call to talk to granite experts who will provide you with solutions and services designed for you!